If you create a great sticker, it will get stuck. And if that sticker gets stuck, there is a high probability that many people will see it. That’s the beauty of sticker marketing – you print stickers once, and since stickers can go almost anywhere, they can attract multiple new leads for your business.

The challenge comes in designing a sticker that people want to stick, as well as get noticed by others once they are stuck. Here are some tips for getting those stickers noticed by the public. die cut stickers

Simplicity is best

With stickers, a little can go a long way. Stickers generally come in a much smaller format than most marketing materials, meaning that you have less space to develop your design and message. Keep the space limitations in mind during the design process. Don’t try to cram 500 words on a 3″x5″ sticker. Instead, use a logo, a witty saying, or a chic graphic that will attract the eye and encourage viewers to find out more information on their own. You would be surprised at how much traffic can be brought to your website if you design a simple sticker with your logo and URL.

Think about the use

One of the great things about stickers is that they can be stuck to just about anything. However, you need to think about the main purpose for the sticker. A bumper sticker will need a different format than a static window cling for your business, which in turn will need something different than a freebie sticker you would give away at the next trade show. The use of the sticker will play large role in both the design elements and the materials you will use, and having a clear purpose will allow you to be most effective.

Forget the rectangle

One way to make sure that your sticker gets noticed is to forego the accepted sticker shapes. Thanks to die cut capabilities, your sticker printer can create you stickers in nearly any shape you can imagine. This allows your stickers to stand out from the crowd and will encourage more sticking by your customers.

Stick it!

Stickers need to be stuck – so encourage sticking them. Look for unique places to stick them (where you are legally allowed to, of course). And feel free to stick them to items that you mail out – brochures, envelopes, packages, etc. The more stickers you can get stuck, the more views you will get.